A-series lifting columns
12.000 N
3.000 Nm
250 mm/s


B-series lifting columns
12.000 N
2.500 Nm
250 mm/s


E-series lifting columns
2.500 N
750 Nm
25 mm/s


F-series lifting columns
2.500 N
800 Nm
35 mm/s


G-series lifting columns
3.000 N
1.100 Nm
31 mm/s


X-series lifting columns
12.000 N
6.000 Nm
250 mm/s



By continuously developing new solutions, we can help our partners meet future challenges in the fields of medical, manufacturing, and ergonomic industry. Here are some examples.


X2 lifting columns are commonly used in the medical field world-wide. With our lifting columns, we help partners to achieve a safer work environment for healthcare workers and more comfortability for patients. Our medical lifting columns can be found in a broad range of applications. Some examples are X-ray equipment, operation tables, incubators, beds and pendants.

Our lifting columns satisfy major medical standards such as EN 60601, UL 2601 and the Medical Devices Ordinance. The lifting columns are manufactured according to GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice. Safety features are considered part of standard requirements.


Our robust and reliable lifting columns are helping our industrial partners to improve their productivity and flexibility. The customizable lifting columns combined with the maintenance free systems makes our industrial lifting columns suitable for a broad range of applications in the industrial field. Some examples of applications are automation equipment, platforms and printing machines.

With the stiff aluminium housing and our patented drive, our columns suit a broad variety of industrial applications to lift up to 1.200 kg centric load or 600 kg offset load at 1 meter.


X2 lifting columns are used in ergonomic applications to improve the comfortability in workplaces. With height adjustable furniture, workplaces can offer workers a healthier and more productive work environment. The maintenance free systems in our lifting columns gives our partners a smooth and reliable system they can count on.

Workstations can be made with a standalone lifting column or with synchronic run of several lifting columns.