A-series lifting columns
12.000 N
3.000 Nm
250 mm/s


B-series lifting columns
12.000 N
2.500 Nm
250 mm/s


E-series lifting columns
2.500 N
750 Nm
25 mm/s


F-series lifting columns
2.500 N
800 Nm
35 mm/s


G-series lifting columns
3.000 N
1.100 Nm
31 mm/s


X-series lifting columns
12.000 N
6.000 Nm
250 mm/s


Customized lifting columns

X2 Technology – The Customizer

Customized lifting columns

Our telescopic lifting columns are used wherever robust and reliable guiding systems are needed.

We at X2 are specialized in developing and manufacturing customized lifting columns according to our customers demand.

Extremely robust

With a lifting power up to 600 kg at 1000 mm, we manufacture the industry’s most robust lifting columns.

X-series 600 kg
Accessories overview

Complete lifting systems

With our broad range of accessories, we can make a complete customized solution for you.

This is X2 Technology

Customized lifting columns


With our long experience of lifting columns, we can develop unique solutions. Our flexibility enables us to produce customized products in both small and large series.

Innovative  lifting columns


We have a strong commitment to explore and integrate the latest technology in our products. With our new solutions, we help our partners to meet their future challenges.

High-quality lifting columns


Quality and safety are extremely important to us at X2. We thoroughly test each telescopic lifting column to make sure that you only get good quality products.

Advantages of X2 lifting columns

Highly customizable



Extremely robust


Low friction

Maintenance-free systems

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