X2 Technology


X2’s lifting columns and linear slides are built on extremely stiff aluminium tubes and long life sliding pads, combined with a very tight tolerance assembly – where others squeeze, we fit.

The products perform a stable, reliable, and maintenance free guiding systems without any play, which enables the system to carry high loads in all directions.

Our lifting columns and linear slides are available with or without a built-in drive. You can use tubes from our standard size range or we can develop special dimensions for your specific needs. We have 2 section, 3 section as well as 5 section versions for various offset load and extension needs. The tubes run easily, without the enormous friction resistance seen in similar products from competitors. This, of course, reduces wear and tear and increases life span.

Our know-how in this field enables us to manufacture lifting columns and linear slides, with or without built-in drive, with extended life span and enhanced performance to meet all needs.