X2 Technology

Linear Slides

Our linear slides provide a smooth and quite operation, with high load carrying capacity for all kinds of applications.

By use of stiff tubes, an inner tube as a guide rail, and an outer tube as a guide carriage, a robust guiding system is achieved, which enables the system to carry high loads in all directions.

The linear slides can be supplied with or without a built-in electric drive, strokes up to 3,700 mm and speeds up to 0.5 m/s.

All linear slides are customized solutions built on our six sizes of aluminium tubes, sizes depending on load and torque.

The linear slide can operate horizontally or vertically, even a combination is possible and then a multi-axis system provide flexibility to suit wide spread applications, including:

Medical equipment

Suitable for a bucky or a digital receptor stand. Back ...

Special machines and Theatres

Long stroke and high torque. Back ...

Assembly system

Optimized assembly work station. Back ...