X2 Technology

Lifting Columns

X2 provides lifting columns for various applications in medical, ergonomic and industrial markets.
Our lifting columns are available with square, rectangular and acicular tubes from 2 sections up to 6 sections.

The following Lifting Columns are in our standard product range, if you would not find any one that fulfils your needs then we can make a customized solutions for you, in fact most of our supplied lifting columns are customized.

Our lifting column range: (Data sheets in PDF)
SA - square tubes - 1000-4000N
DA - square tubes - 1000-6000N
BA - square tubes - 1500N, PULL
SB - rectangular tubes - 1200-5000N
DB - rectangular tubes - 2000-3000N
SF - acicular tubes - 1200-2200N
DF - acicular tubes - 800-1000N
SX - rectangular tubes - 2000-10000N
DX - rectangular tubes - 2000-5000N